Top 5 Tips for Eye Care in 2019

Orb Optical is here to help you with your eye care in 2019. While we can test your sight, recommend solutions and offer advice, the bulk of your eye care takes place at home. That’s why our experts have come up with these eye health tips to continue the new year the right way!

Eat and drink well

Staying hydrated and ensuring that you eat a diet rich in the vitamins and minerals that your body needs are two of the best possible ways to support your eye care. If you need tips on what to eat specifically, ask us about this the next time you visit Orb Optical opticians on Tottenham Court Road.

Watch your screen time 

We all spend more time on screens these days. If you have to look at a computer screen for work, your eyes are spending a lot of time each day focusing on bright, close-up surfaces. This can lead to vision problems. To combat this, simply ensure that you take regular breaks from your screen. Look into the distance every 20 minutes for about 20 seconds. On top of this, we recommend that you take a 15-minute break from your screen at least every two hours.

Know your family history

We’ll ask you plenty of questions when you come for an eye test in London at Orb Optical. This is because many eye conditions are hereditary. If a member of your family had a certain issue, we’ll know to spend extra time looking out for any early signs of this problem during your eye care appointment.

Quit smoking

If you’re a smoker, you probably already know that you need to quit. If you need one more thing to motivate you, let it be that your eyes are affected by smoking as well. You are much more likely to suffer from a debilitating eye condition if you regularly light up.

Your regular eye test in London

It can be quite hard to tell for sure if your vision is as good as it was a year ago without professional help, so make sure you visit us regularly. If you wait until you are certain things are blurred or harder to read, it means you might need an even stronger prescription to combat the problem. Book an appointment for an eye test in London with us by visiting our website today, or contact our friendly team directly on 020 7637 4111.

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